Rachael Ainsworth is a professional designer and artist. She began her tattoo journey in 2011, giving her nearly 11 years experience in the industry. She is specialised in delicate, fineline, floral and ornamental work. She also loves illustrating, painting and print making; some of which you can find for sale on her online shop, where you can also find her popular range of temporary tattoos.


Rachael prides herself on her high attention to detail, her professionalism, client relations and her integrity. She puts her all into everything she creates and will always take her time to make sure her work exceeds its expectations.


In September 2018 she opened her own studio – La Graine in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Rachael has recently moved back to the UK to have her first baby, due in June 2022 and she is on maternity leave now until Autumn 2022. She will be primarily working in London when she returns to tattooing but she also plans to work some guest spots in Berlin when she is up to travelling again.


Since beginning her tattoo journey she has been fortunate enough to travel extensively and feels grateful to have worked in many tattoo studios across Europe including Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg and Barcelona. Rachael is also very humbled that many of her clients travel from all over the world to get tattooed by her.


Rachael is vegan and all the tattoo materials she uses are also vegan friendly.