Frequently Asked Questions

To browse the FAQ simply click on a title to read its content. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have further questions.

Please Note: My diary is currently closed and it’s not possible to book an appointment.   

If you would like to book an appointment next time my diary opens or for future guest spots, you can sign-up to my newsletter and you will receive a friendly reminder when I’m ready to accept booking requests. 

How can I book an appointment?

I am currently on maternity leave and will not be tattooing again until Autumn 2022.

Once I am back to work properly you will then be able to apply for an appointment when my diary is open, which happens sporadically throughout the year.

Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you would like to be notified each time I open my diary (including the flexible appointments.) When I am ready, I will share a link which will enable you to send a booking request for a limited time.

Where is Rachael tattooing?

I’m currently tattooing primarily in London. I also sometimes work in Berlin and occasionally guest spots in other cities which I always announce via my newsletter and Instagram.

I've sent my application, what's next?

I always receive more requests than I am able to tattoo. After a few days, I will close my bookings and read through all of the applications. At this moment in time I am unable to reply to everyone, so if you do not hear back from me within 6 weeks, I was unable to fit you in the time. Please don’t be disheartened, this could be for several reasons and you are always welcome to try again next time. Once I contact you please respond as quickly as you can, dates are offered to multiple people and appointments are always limited. You will then be able to discuss your idea further and ask any questions you may have, and I will give you a quote for your tattoo.

What do you need to create my tattoo?

I like to tattoo unique custom designs in my style, drawn especially for you and tattooed once only. I tend to chose the ideas that inspire me most and the ones where I feel most capable of executing well. I’ll need a few reference pictures explaining what you like and what you don’t like, a photo of the area and some details about your idea. You can send any reference pictures you wish (from my work or other artists) but please note I will never copy a design. It is very important that your explanation is concise and easy to understand, please keep it clear and simple. Take some time to read through your message before sending it to make sure it’s easy for me to imagine what you want. If it isn’t clear enough, I won’t be able to offer you an appointment. Once I have all the details I need, I will draw your tattoo at home and show you the design on the day of your appointment.

How much will my tattoo cost?

I like to take my time when I’m tattooing and my designs always have very fine lines and a high level of intricacy, so my prices are calculated by piece rather than by hour. The cost of your tattoo will mainly depend on size, placement and level of intricacy; these factors can sometimes be altered to suit a specific budget. Due to the amount of tattoo requests I receive I can only give you a quote if you are successful in getting an appointment.

Do you have any available pre-drawn designs?

Flash/Wanna-do’s are always posted on instagram when they become available and a newsletter is usually sent out. Flash designs get priority over custom requests and I often reserve spontaneous openings for them too. I plan to draw more over the summer so keep an eye out!

What do I do before and after my tattoo?

If your application is successful, I will send you all the information you need to prepare for your appointment and on the day of your appointment I will give you aftercare instructions as well as a tattoo cream to take home; so you have nothing to worry about!